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eXeraZoR 12-02-07 08:14 AM

Dead Bodies stay forever?
I noticed that Dead bodies disappear after a while or when reloading a savegame.

The higher you set the EFFECTS QUALITY setting in the options, the longer dead bodies stay until they disappear.

but how to let them stay forever?

or is this a to large performance impact?

*magic* 12-02-07 10:13 AM

Re: Dead Bodies stay forever?
with this command you can adjust how long dead body stay g_ragdollUnseenTime

try 999 and the will stay very long.

and you can also make the staytime of bullet holes longer,try this :

nutcrackr 12-02-07 04:29 PM

Re: Dead Bodies stay forever?
don't forget the min distance before they disappear

g_ragdollDistance 999

Q 12-02-07 04:44 PM

Re: Dead Bodies stay forever?
I'm going to name my rock band "Dead Bodies Stay Forever."

eXeraZoR 12-03-07 11:34 AM

Re: Dead Bodies stay forever?

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