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breathemetal 12-02-07 12:07 PM

Some cool mods
Blue laser mod:



Weapon Re-balance mod (allows you to carry all weapons at the same time!)


Things that need to be improved.

1. Too low accuracy.
Is that made in china cheap stuff?
2. Too hard to killing enemies.
Are they wearing class 3 bullet proof vest? Why don't they die?!
3. The properties of guns such as magazine capacity, rpm, recoil are not the same even though it might be based upon real gun's property.
4. Each guns is not specialized.
Why do I use the SMG? And Gauss Rifle makes another firearms to crap!
5. You can carry just a couple of weapons at the same time.
I wanna use that all at the same time!

Weapon Skin Pack


# Grey rusty
# Camouflage Green
# Camouflage Blue
# Camouflage Brown
# Raceflag
# Timber
# Leopard
# Reptileskin
# Ponysis
# Nanocarbon
# Steel
# Two-toned
# Dark
# Icebullet
# Concept
# Fire
# Multicolor Purple Green

agentkay 12-02-07 09:46 PM

Re: Some cool mods
Thanks for posting!

I just tried out this single player map:


Some issues with the AI and I was missing the cool Crysis music but it was enjoyable.

agentkay 12-13-07 07:20 PM

Re: Some cool mods

First of all, thank you for playing/testing my map. This little island is not about great graphics or a great story, it is all about messing around with the game's physics engine. I am planning on creating and releasing further versions in the future with much more ways and possibilities of testing the physics to the fullest. This very first version of PHYSIS may only entertain you for a couple of minutes, but it should still give you an interesting insight of what is possible. And yes, there are still some
bugs which will be solved with future releases.

For further information and updates concerning PHYSIS, head over to crymod.com or crysis-hq.com.


* Cool physic games
* Experimenting with a lot of physicalian stuff.
* Amazing situations on playing the map.



Leodie Island

A small training island located not far from ongoing battle on the "crysis" island.
This training is focused on the officers who will be using the nanosuit and will be put in to battle shortly.


* Battle tank track for testing and training.
* AA and APC shooting range.
* Handheld firing weapons range.
* Grenade and explosives range.
* some more stuff, you have to find it yourself.


WeReWoLf 12-13-07 07:33 PM

Re: Some cool mods

Originally Posted by breathemetal
Weapon Re-balance mod (allows you to carry all weapons at the same time!)

While the rebalance may be cool, i actually posted how you can carry all the guns at once quite a while ago in the cheats thread.

agentkay 12-13-07 08:07 PM

Re: Some cool mods
This little MOD increase the lifetime of Shell-Cases up to 200.

The second modification is to add the same glossiness to the 5.56 Shell-Cases like the 9mm SMG-, Pistol- and Shotgun-Cases ones.


* Increase of lifetime from the Shell-Cases
* Secondary ammo got the same glossiness as the 5.56 shell-casses


agentkay 12-20-07 10:31 PM

Re: Some cool mods
A new version of "Physis" SP map was released with an all new second island. Physis is inspired by Garrys Mod and it is quite fun!


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