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Dvahlish 12-03-07 03:43 PM

Wow- Whats with these bugs?
Has anyone else noticed an increase in the number of bugged NPC's in the game since the new patch?

Im just taking my new undead rogue through the low levels and I swear, I never saw this many bugs when I was taking my Pally or my Warlock through.

Im talking about those bugs where you stand there attacking something and it evades everything, or the one where its still attacking you long after you have left the area of the NPC.

I come across at least one or more everytime I play, In all areas!

Its just stupid.

Come on Bliz...get it together!!!!

Son Goku 12-05-07 05:03 PM

Re: Wow- Whats with these bugs?
There was an increase in the sheer number of bugs ever since 2.2. At this point all I can assume is their QA dept took a holiday or something. Among them:

- Voice chat: I got it to work one day, when I set it up. Exited game, and never on a reload would it work again. No settings change, just restart the game sometime and it's gone.

- I don't think they ever fixed all the pet bar bugs, though I'm using Bongos now

- Yes, many NPCs have been bugged, and some quests. For instance on a horde alt, the quest in thousand needles where one faces the grimtotem and gets some info or whatever it is from chests up top; those chests at least had no loot marker, and were not interactable. Checked thott, and post after post said bugged. I know, because on my 70 orc hunter I did it early in the year, that they were lootable then.

- Then of course when 2.2 first came out (and 2.3 hasn't been without it's own bugs) the realms (at least realm I was on) was getting almost nightly restarts for "gameplay issues".

- In 2.3 (but in no patch previous), when I go to load the game or anything, the sound stutters bad, certainly at first...

Dvahlish 12-05-07 11:47 PM

Re: Wow- Whats with these bugs?
Last I heard that 1k Needles quest was still bugged.
I think I did it about 4 months ago with my pally, and it has been broken ever since.
The pet bug is still there, I get it with my lock all the time.

Im just constantly coming across bugged beasties.
I got great joy the other day when I came across a galek scout in needles that was standing by the lift, bugged to hell.
Every single person that went past it tried to kill it for about 5 secs before realising it wasnt gonna happen.

Son Goku 12-06-07 08:16 PM

Re: Wow- Whats with these bugs?
When I was doing some quests in WPL a couple months ago, there was a big bugged elite mob inside the inn in Androhal with the guy for the series of quests leading up to "the battle of darrowshire". It startled me at first, though push come to shove I coulda vanished, but it just stood there motionless. It was probably a server reset or something before the thing vanished.

This is of course why I was surprised when some were acting like "Wrath of the Lich King" would be comming out soon (checked with Gamestop, it's more November next year, not the Jan or Feb some made it sound like); as I was like "wait? It hasn't entered beta yet, right?" Until beta testers get there hands on it, who knows. And the increasing number of bugs makes a sooner release seem less likely, and a possible delay seem more probable. But then again if EA Games merges with Blizzard, it might just get "rushed out the door", and released sooner, bugs and all.

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