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topol 12-04-07 09:35 AM

Logical Volume devices missing?
On our RS/6000 system with AIX 3.4 and 4 physical drives we had the boot disk
die. We replaced it and restored the system info from backups. The backups
were a bit old, but I don't think anything much had changed. It boots up fine
now, but it can't mount any of filesystems on the other 3 drives. For the
ones that don't mount in /etc/filesystems they all point to devices that
don't exist and I guess are logical volume devices because they look like
/dev/lvXX. I don't know AIX very well, I'm primarily a Linux guy.

Mounting doesn't work:

# mount /engr/worx
mount: 0506-324 Cannot mount /dev/lv09 on /engr/worx: A file or directory in
the path name does not exist.

lspv shows this:

# lspv
hdisk0 0002007800e1b8c4 rootvg
hdisk1 00020078b942dcb3 None
hdisk2 0002007881c3a32a None
hdisk3 000200787316e017 None

Appreciate any pointers toward what I need to do next? Am I right in
thinking that the logical volume table needs to be rebuilt to get the
/dev/lvXX devices created?

I don't have any AIX manuals either Smile

LinuxManMike 12-04-07 11:04 AM

Re: Logical Volume devices missing?
No experience with AIX myself, but here's what I came up with.

Found the AIX LVM manual for free download on the IBM website.


Random theorizing:
  • Part of the HD that failed was a member of the other VG, though I would imagine you would still see the other PVs as members of the VG, but the VG would be incomplete. Might look into some of the lspv switches to get more information.
  • The other VG isn't being activated so its LVs aren't being mapped to the /dev filesystem. Try activating the other VG. Maybe the rootvg you restored isn't configured to scan automatically for other VGs?
  • Your other VG is hosed, so something more significant happened than just one drive failing. Have you done any postmortem analysis of the failed disk?

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