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K007 12-05-07 06:04 AM

Gotta love the new S3 Graphics for Warlocks :O. The helm graphics actually give the 'cool' effect ><


winton 12-05-07 09:39 AM

Re: WINGS!!!
you should /yell in Ogrimmar "I AM BATMAN!"

Odral 12-05-07 04:32 PM

Re: WINGS!!!
Is that your charachter K007? That looks baddass and can't wait until my Warlock gets them :)

K007 12-06-07 04:01 AM

Re: WINGS!!!
Yea its my toon ><.

Got a Hunter/Warrior/Paladin @ 70, most focus on Warlock for S3 followed by Paladin/Warrior.

Really hate playing Warrior in arena with AUS Ping chasing USA pingers :/....and man..how i hate druids :(

Tork64 12-06-07 04:16 AM

Re: WINGS!!!
+1 for it being undead.

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