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tld 12-06-07 11:07 AM

FYI: Compiling 100.14.11 under 2.6.23 kernels
Since the 2.6.23 kernel was marked as stable under Gentoo, I wanted to upgrade to it. I wanted to stay at the 100.14.11 nvidia driver because it's the only non-beta driver at this point that doesn't suffer from this video corruption bug:


...which apparently will be fixed in 169.04. However 100.14.11 wouldn't compile under 2.6.23 apparently due to changes in the kernel ABI. I was able to make a patched ebuild using the patch here:


...and it compiled fine and has been working flawlessly since.


BitJam 12-12-07 03:12 PM

Re: FYI: Compiling 100.14.11 under 2.6.23 kernels
I've got the same problem. The 100.14.19 driver does compile without modification and hasn't exhibited the bug (yet).

I downloaded the patch file. Can you post the changes you made to the ebuild?

tld 12-13-07 09:40 AM

Re: FYI: Compiling 100.14.11 under 2.6.23 kernels
Sure. If you're not yet familiar with creating a patched ebuild, you'll want to look here:


Once I made a renamed copy of the ebuild in my portage overlay (in my case I'm using /usr/local/portage) and copied the files directory there, I named the nvidia patch file nvidia-fix-23.patch and put it in the files directory under my /usr/local/portage/x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers, and added a line to my ebuilt to apply the patch in src_unpack() after the existing patches, as shown by this diff:


diff -u /usr/portage/x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers/nvidia-drivers-100.14.11.ebuild nvidia-drivers-100.14.11-r90.ebuild
--- /usr/portage/x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers/nvidia-drivers-100.14.11.ebuild    2007-10-07 12:06:33.000000000 -0400
+++ nvidia-drivers-100.14.11-r90.ebuild 2007-12-05 16:14:28.000000000 -0500
@@ -184,6 +184,8 @@
        epatch "${FILESDIR}"/NVIDIA_glx-glheader.patch
        # allow on board sensors to work with lm_sensors
        epatch "${FILESDIR}"/NVIDIA_i2c-hwmon.patch
+      # Patch for 2.6.23 compatibility
+      epatch "${FILESDIR}"/nvidia-fix-23.patch
        if ! use x86-fbsd; then
                # Quiet down warnings the user does not need to see

It looks like the change for the 100.14.19 ebuild would be the same, though I have no idea if the patch itself works. Hope this helps.


BitJam 12-15-07 12:34 AM

Re: FYI: Compiling 100.14.11 under 2.6.23 kernels
Thanks tld. That's just what I wanted. I've patched ebuilds before but sometimes it involves trial and error. You've saved me some time.

As I mentioned above, I was able to get nvidia-drivers-100.14.19 to compile under gentoo-sources-2.6.23-r3 with no problem. I've played several dvds now and none of them have shown the video corruption bug.

I'm running an amd64 system with a GeForce 6150 chip on the motherboard.

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