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kayle12 12-08-07 11:39 PM

Help with NVIDIA Quadro NVS 110M

I need some help...if anyone has sugestions please help me.

Upon Installing Fedora 8 Core GNOME...I have no cool 3D flip, ect.

So I checked the display pane...and It has correctly identified my graphics card...but no cool effects.

So...I went to the NVidia page, (http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux_d...100.14.19.html) and downloaded the newest drivers. I then restarted the computer in single-user mode....so I could install the drivers. Then upon restart...I noticed my background wasn't as choppy....good news! Well...."Not so much,"

I then went to the graphics pane and it said, "Unknown Graphics Card." Huh?? Why is it unknown??

So...this is where I am! I would really like to have the cool effects....and just on a side note, I know my graphics card supports them, because in Mandriva Linux 2008, I have the effects.

Thanks for your help,


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