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more_hops 12-11-07 03:16 PM

gsync with multiple resolutions
Heres what I'm trying to do. I want two computers running display different resolutions to have the same verticle sync . In windows xp using pny quadro 5500s this works like a champ. I just hookup the frame sync cables set the master/slave settings and it works. I used an oscilliscope to confirm that they are in fact synced. In linux no matter what I try it doesn't work. I dug through the documentation and it seems to indicate that this will not work.

"All display devices set as client in a frame lock group must have the same mode timings as the server (master) display device. If a House Sync signal is used (instead of internal timings), all client display devices must be set to have the same refresh rate as the incoming house sync signal."

I also tried house sync and that doesn't work either. The question is will this ever be fixed? Does it work with a 5600/g-sync II card? Has anyone ever gotten it to work? Does Nvidia consider this a limitation or a bug?


furafura 12-13-07 03:01 AM

Re: gsync with multiple resolutions
I could not understand your setting exactly. What I have experienced was slaving Linux to Windows via G sync with "same" resolution but did not work first. In the initial setting, default sync rate of windows and Linux were slightly different. When I tuned the sync rate of windows exactly same as Linux, it worked.

more_hops 12-14-07 02:07 PM

Re: gsync with multiple resolutions
Thank you I was able to obtain similar results. Unfortunately I have 2 linux boxes. The nvidia linux driver doesn't give me that control. Anyone know how to change the linux refresh rate from 59.95 to 60.00?

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