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eL_PuSHeR 04-19-03 11:51 AM

Black Diamond Browser 0.2
Just for windows, this is a Phoenix 0.5 mod on steroids.

saturnotaku 04-19-03 07:06 PM

It's in my download queue. Will definitely be checking it out.

eL_PuSHeR 04-20-03 04:47 AM

Wow! this thing rocks! after making some small adjustments using about:config it has already replaced Mozilla on my box.

saturnotaku 04-20-03 09:07 AM

So far I have to echo those comments about this browser rocking. Holy moley is it ever fast. Opera doesn't hold a candle to this in terms of speed. It almost makes me forget that I'm on dialup. :eek:

I don't like some of the plugins it enables by default, but those are easy to turn off. :D

The Baron 04-20-03 12:17 PM

God I want my stupid mobo... my dad would freak if I installed a new default browser on here ;)

vampireuk 04-20-03 12:41 PM


Originally posted by saturnotaku
It almost makes me forget that I'm on dialup. :eek:

You are on dial up:D

hmm I may try it out, *clings to IE*:D

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