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Tr1cK 12-18-07 03:50 PM

A NVN WoW proposition
I just pondered a thought.

How about all the NVN WoWers get together on one server and start a guild?
I've played since release and really don't care if I reroll or whatever. I just want to have fun in the game. It's better to me with people I know or at least talk to on occasion than complete strangers.

The guild doesn't have to be called NVN, but I figured we could use the acronym and work something out to fit it. We could all kinda vote and decide what server to play on and what faction here.

Any takers or suggestions?

I'm liking a Horde PvP server idea. And possibly call the guild, Not Very Nice. lol

thor1182 12-18-07 03:59 PM

Re: A NVN WoW proposition
I couldn't get myself to give up my current guild and geared toons.

Ninjaman09 12-18-07 04:03 PM

Re: A NVN WoW proposition
Yeah I just picked my warrior back up, got artisan riding, and am raiding 3 days a week with my new guild and having fun. Maybe at launch but I've got too much invested in my guy now. :)

Tr1cK 12-18-07 04:04 PM

Re: A NVN WoW proposition

Originally Posted by thor1182
I couldn't get myself to give up my current guild and geared toons.

I know that feeling, but it's not as if it's hard to make money or level. It is hard to get drops in instances though. On the other hand, PvP = free epics.

Tr1cK 12-18-07 04:05 PM

Re: A NVN WoW proposition
What servers you guys on?

thor1182 12-18-07 04:22 PM

Re: A NVN WoW proposition

short answer while the armory is in the crapper: Kul Tiras
will work once the armory decides to behave again

WeReWoLf 12-18-07 09:37 PM

Re: A NVN WoW proposition
Windrunner - lvl 70 warrior - werewolph

lIqUID 12-19-07 12:09 AM

Re: A NVN WoW proposition
man I would so be down for this since I hate playing solo, but some friends just picked the game back up and I've got a 59 lock in the works on Lethon horde.

It's so easy to level now with the reduced xp per level and more xp per quest turn in. A friend of mine got a druid to 59 with only 3 days played time, and a good couple hours of that was AFK in cities. We are currently farming poor alliance in the 50s bracket for tokens so we can more easily attain our welfare epics at 70.

Dvahlish 12-19-07 09:38 PM

Re: A NVN WoW proposition
I have serveral horde toons and play on Frostmourne -US.
Im thinking of rolling a new toon with the next expansion anyway...

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