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breathemetal 12-18-07 03:47 PM

Config Question
What's the best config thats been posted and/or that is out there right now?

Whats the optimal way to run the game?
Default config...all settings high?
Custom config, custom settings...

My rig is in my sig if that will help answer my question at all

agentkay 12-18-07 04:48 PM

Re: Config Question
If you want to get almost "very high" visuals in DX9 I'd go with Gaco's 1.01 config here:


The only things that are missing are the higher quality DoF, motion blur and shadows.

You can also add a few draw distance tweaks as reported in this thread (they do cost another 6-8 frames):


And at last you can give sgio2 configs a try:


Most configs do try add "DX10" visuals and they cost performance so if you are not happy with how they perform at all settings on "high", I'd rather try the "performance configs" instead of the configs that improve the visuals.

breathemetal 12-18-07 05:31 PM

Re: Config Question
I want to get DX10 working good

I dont want to run it in Dx9 at all

Nanosuitguy 12-18-07 05:46 PM

Re: Config Question

Originally Posted by breathemetal
I want to get DX10 working good

I dont want to run it in Dx9 at all

Use Gaco's its UBER! Theres also a hidden supersample AA for the vegetation when equpping the pistol when using his config... very nice! ;)

agentkay 12-18-07 05:50 PM

Re: Config Question
In that case start off with all settings on "high" and test how it performs to you and create an empty system.cfg with these lines:

r_sunshafts = 1
r_colorgrading = 1
r_UsePOM = 1
r_WaterGodRays = 1
r_TexturesStreaming=0 (only if you don't have a 64-bit O.S.)
g_battleDust_enable = 1

These are the major "very high" effects and the performance hit shouldn't be too big and since you have 4GB I'd put the "textures" setting to "veryhigh" as well. Stay away from the "very high" shader and post-processing settings because they do cause a major performance hit (higher quality shadows, motion blur, DoF and quite a few other effects are the cause for this). I recommend the 169.21 driver for Vista in DX10 but I haven't tested the .25 driver yet.

breathemetal 12-18-07 06:06 PM

Re: Config Question
i tried the last config posted with settings on high and water on very high...

i got less than 20 average

i think ill try gacos and see if they do any better

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