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Nanosuitguy 12-18-07 11:13 PM

Real nanosuit...
Real nanosuit, looks alot the same. I heard crytek was inspired by this one :p


methimpikehoses 12-18-07 11:19 PM

Re: Real nanosuit...

asd 12-19-07 02:28 AM

Re: Real nanosuit...
And Crytek has learn something special from it, it's call "MAXIMUM DELAY"!! (lee63)

v3rninater 12-19-07 03:24 AM

Re: Real nanosuit...
Plus that guy needs to quit foggin up the helmet...yeesh!!(nana2)

Bokishi 12-19-07 03:51 AM

Re: Real nanosuit...
Wouldn't like to get in a fight with a squad of those guys

CaptNKILL 12-19-07 04:28 AM

Re: Real nanosuit...
They definitely look a lot scarier in black than they do in camo.

Though I don't really see what this has to do with Crysis other than that its a soldier wearing a suit that isn't green...

Dragunov 12-19-07 02:04 PM

Re: Real nanosuit...
Yeah maybe, but nanobots??

More like Kevlar :D

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