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Crow_Nest 12-19-07 03:05 AM

Crysis keeps minimizing
Everytime i get to the main menu the game just minimizes to desktop, i click it and it maximizes but minimizes again. Havent played the game in awhile but it wasnt like this when i last played it. Already tried a reinstall of the game but it doesnt work. I also didnt change my video card drivers since i got 169.09 so it cant be it. Whats wrong?

EDIT: Oh wait nevermind, fixed it.

CaptNKILL 12-19-07 04:29 AM

Re: Crysis keeps minimizing
Just in case someone else has the problem, how did you fix it?

Crow_Nest 12-20-07 04:30 AM

Re: Crysis keeps minimizing
It was SRSS audio soundbox that was running in the background. But i found out that changing the setting to "Game" and "First Person Shooter" didnt cause it to minimize. :)

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