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Mr Bigman 12-20-07 08:23 PM

FarCry And Vista64
Does anyone still play this game and on Vista 64?

I was wondering cuz for some weird reason game starts fine but when game starts mouse look goes up meaning looking up and i can't staighten out the look but can move around but my charactor looks up. and when exiting the game i get an error box wanting me to send an error report cuz FarCry stopped working when i exited it just fine.

I ran the AMD64 patch and the 1.41 patch so anything else i should be aware of?

grey_1 12-20-07 08:40 PM

Re: FarCry And Vista64
There's a bug with the new patch. Set all your controls back to default, then change them back to what you want. That should take care of the mouse look problem. I don't know about the crashing, I only had that problem with a different game.

Mr Bigman 12-20-07 09:11 PM

Re: FarCry And Vista64
Yea, i did that and it worked.

I only get the error when i have a Logitech Wingman Wireless USB enabled but when i disable it, i don't errors when exiting the game.

I enable it and game works good but when i exit, error message about sending report with memory perameters involved.

Dragunov 12-21-07 06:40 AM

Re: FarCry And Vista64
I found this solution on google, had this problem aswell

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