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ragejg 04-20-03 09:07 AM

Delete RealUser, plz...
Hey, that's my old ID from way back... I don't need it anymore... just noticed it on the b-day list... I tried pm'ing vamp but his box is full...

I don't know if excess accounts are a nuisance or not, so delete at will... I am ragejg and always will be!! :D

MikeC 04-20-03 09:28 AM

Your wish is my command master! :beer:

ragejg 04-20-03 09:42 AM

Thanks mike...

btw i got good software presents... I haven't recieved software for my b-day since "konami football" for my 286 back in 93!

I'll express my enthusiasm in another thread...:D

yeah.... drink a beer for me... EVERYONE!!:afro:

nin_fragile14 04-20-03 10:37 AM

:beer: :)

vampireuk 04-20-03 10:58 AM

Never knew my box was full :)

*click click*:D

LORD-eX-Bu 04-20-03 12:42 PM

hah, oh yeah...well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANYWAYS!!!:D

Have a good one and enjoy yourself :kill:

ragejg 04-20-03 02:22 PM


bass ale is good...:)
dial up @ my dad's isn't...:(

PsychoSy 04-20-03 02:39 PM


Originally posted by vampireuk
Never knew my box was full :)

*click click*:D

Your box is always full...(no, that's not a double-entendre...honest)!! :D

Check your E-mail. ;)

vampireuk 04-20-03 03:28 PM

roflmao :D

What am I looking for in my email?;) I've hardly recieved anything at all today...:eek: well my box has space now.....oh god I'm thinking about something else now, thanks Sy:D

ragejg 04-20-03 05:03 PM


StealthHawk 04-20-03 08:59 PM


Originally posted by vampireuk
Never knew my box was full :)

*click click*:D

it's still full, man ;)

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