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hastings 08-23-02 03:41 AM

Suse 8.0 on Nforce - advice

Just installed Linux on an nforce with
GF4 4200 graphics card, Athlon 1800+

Used online update to get graphics drivers and
installed sound/NIC driver rpm from Nvidia,
everything working fine and I now get an Nvidia
splash screen on bootup ...

but running RTCW 1.33
I get some graphics/sound stuttering during
movies and in game. Running at 1024x768 32bit
colour - is this normal for this spec of machine? or
is there any tuning I can do?

How can I verify my graphics drivers have installed ok?

Thanks for any advice.


adnans 08-23-02 03:48 AM

Assuming you are using IDE drives, have you tuned them with hdparm? i.e. is unmaskirq on?
What about using_dma? Tuning your IDE drives can have a huge impact on performance, especially in games.

hastings 08-23-02 04:08 AM

no i haven't tuned my ide drive (IBM 7200 rpm),
I read somewhere that with Suse 8 it wasn't necessary but any pointers appreciated.


hastings 08-25-02 04:27 AM

It worked !! tuning hard driver increased read cache form 3 mb.s to 45 mb/s now no stuttering,


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