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breathemetal 12-21-07 05:51 PM

Temp Monitor
Alright, so whats the best way to monitor the temp of my cpu?

The bios states its at 29 degrees
Coretemp says both cores are at 20 each, 85 (faren) total

breathemetal 12-21-07 05:57 PM

Re: Temp Monitor
Also, whats the max safe temp for a e6600?

Im at 2713.34 mhz right now, and idle im around 20-22C. Running orthos (small ftt) for just 2 mins i was up to 37-39C

also whats the highest safest voltage? and whats the lowest stable voltage?

ATOJAR 12-21-07 06:27 PM

Re: Temp Monitor
The lowest stable voltage depends on your overclock! ... you can use TAT, coretemp & everest ect ... theres quite a few to monitor the temps!

As for safe temps ... well personally i prefere my cpu not to pass 60c - 65c max under a prime95 small FFTs stress test!

Also for voltage i personally would not pust the cpu past 1.45v(right now i have 1.35v)... i know its possible to go higher BUT ........

Right now my cpu is idle at 34c and under load i have never seen it pass 60c!

breathemetal 12-21-07 06:28 PM

Re: Temp Monitor

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