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DiscipleDOC 12-22-07 08:27 AM

Watercooling help
Ok. I know that this question has been done to death, but next year, I'm planning on getting rid of my freezone, and going with something more conventional. Here's where you guys come in. I need opinions on how I should go and I need suggestions. LOTS of suggestions.

I also need links to where people buy w/c stuff and the tutorials that go with the material.


KasuCode 12-22-07 08:52 AM

Re: Watercooling help
I like to get my stuff from here.


They have a very big selection and are located in florida so I pay for ground but get next day shipping.

They are very good with questions and e-mails. They get back to you really fast.

I went with swifttech. If you havnt seen it look at the thread in my sig.
I like the simi chrome look and everything functions well.

Ill tell you now if your going to get tri-sli make sure you have room for your pump and the tubbing. Mine will be in the way and I will have to move stuff around.

Good luck Doc

Dazz 12-22-07 06:04 PM

Re: Watercooling help
I am looking into getting Swiftech H2O-220 Compact, are they any good? They are not in the UK yet but luckly that link they seem to ship to the UK total of $255.70 (128.94) which does not seem that bad. Any ideas? I decided to work xmas day and thinking of doing the whole day for quaddroople time so looks like i will be able to afford it.

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