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sytaylor 12-24-07 02:33 PM

Vista vs XP?
Which OS is better for Crysis? I know I need Vista for DX10 but I dont really see much point since it doesn't seem to use much of DX10. If anything its a second gen DX9 game. With all the latest drivers etc though, is there any real difference between the two?

DiscipleDOC 12-24-07 02:43 PM

Re: Vista vs XP?
Round 10!


ChaoticNick 12-24-07 02:52 PM

Re: Vista vs XP?
People have reported less stuttering and slightly higher FPS under XP, even compared to DX9 mode in Vista.

Revs 12-24-07 02:55 PM

Re: Vista vs XP?
Since the 169.xx drivers i've not had to use XP for Crysis. No more dual boot for me! :D The 169.25's are very good.

sytaylor 12-24-07 03:40 PM

Re: Vista vs XP?

Originally Posted by Revs
Since the 169.xx drivers i've not had to use XP for Crysis. No more dual boot for me! :D The 169.25's are very good.

Funky, I'll upgrade quite soon then methinks. I only had an xp disk, so XP it is for now.

Mr Bigman 12-24-07 08:39 PM

Re: Vista vs XP?
Oh god, how many times is this been?

Lets see 100. ah oh well. im nutral but looks better under Vista.

LORD-eX-Bu 12-24-07 08:47 PM

Re: Vista vs XP?
wtf? :headexplode:

sytaylor I played the game in Vista DX10. I played about half the game with all but shaders(had it on high) on very high. Then someone else told me that I was missing out on some effects like motion blur and depth of field by doing that so I went to high on everything and performance was still great.

Your rig is better than mines so I'm sure that you'll have an even better experience.

JasonPC 12-24-07 08:52 PM

Re: Vista vs XP?
Performance is still better in XP for me but the latest drivers did help a little bit in Vista. Also I'd really only recommend the game in DX10 mode if you have SLI.

conroejoe 12-25-07 09:18 PM

Re: Vista vs XP?
XP = teh fasterz

Crow_Nest 12-25-07 09:47 PM

Re: Vista vs XP?
If you've read some benchies or threads, you would know that the game runs better on DX9 on Windows XP.

Dreamingawake 12-26-07 10:39 AM

Re: Vista vs XP?
Been playing this game obsessively since it was released. In both Xp and Vista..

Updated to the RC1 Service Pack for Vista, and using the 169.25's, with SLI
frame rates are playable, but I still think it needs the patch before I will
consider it fully 'working'. (Works for some people, doesn't work for others)

In Xp it's just ridiculously smooth, I'm sure the average FPS rarely goes under
30.. this is running 1280x1024 with 4xAA and everything maxed using the Dx10

So for now, Xp is the way to go. :)

EDIT: Yup, just downloaded Fraps and tested in XP. Average 35, never dipped below even with lots of action
on the screen. FPS went between 35 and 50+. Not to shabby.

brady 12-26-07 12:56 PM

Re: Vista vs XP?
Need some advice. I know there is a large performance gain in XP with DX9 tweaks with near DX10 "very high" quality. Nevertheless, there still seems to be a consesus that DX10 "very high" still looks superior.

Tomorrow I'll be getting the parts for my new setup (Q6600, GTX, 4GB Ram) and I'm trying to decide if I should even bother installing Vista x64 as opposed to just installing XP.

This system will be hooked up to an HDTV and I'll run everything at 1366x768. Does anyone have any experience with a similar system under DX10 very high at that resolution and if so is the game playable meaning something like an average of 20 or so fps?

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