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mbratch 12-29-07 09:14 PM

Difference between Linux driver choices?

I see there are a couple of choices to get an nVIDIA driver for my Fedora 8. I have a GeForce2 MX400 AGP card.

One is to download NVIDIA's driver install, NVIDIA-Linux-x86-96.43.01-pkg1.run. This seems to be working fine with maybe a minor anomaly here or there.

The other is to run yum to install kmod-nvidia-96xx, kmod-nvidia-96xx-blah-blah.fc8, and xorg-x11-drv-nvidia-96xx

Is there an advantage to one of these over the other?

And how would I uninstall the NVIDIA run loader if I wanted to uninstall it?


t3hl33td4rg0n 12-30-07 08:12 AM

Re: Difference between Linux driver choices?
you will need the following files, if your using livna

kmod-nvidia-96xx... your arch

This is the driver for pre GeForce6 series cards. Use the others without the 96xx for GeForce6 and better.

mbratch 12-30-07 01:21 PM

Re: Difference between Linux driver choices?
Thanks for the information.

I was wondering if there is a functional difference between the drivers downloaded from NVIDIA's site (the NVIDIA...run files) versus the yum installed kmod / xorg files.


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