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jAkUp 01-03-08 02:02 PM

Good HDMI Switcher
I need to get a good HDMI switcher, any suggestions?

3 ports is fine for me.

Bman212121 01-03-08 02:19 PM

Re: Good HDMI Switcher
From what I hear Gefen makes good stuff, but they are a little pricey. http://www.gefen.com/kvm/product.jsp?prod_id=4598

3 Port HDMI with video and audio.

DiscipleDOC 01-03-08 02:27 PM

Re: Good HDMI Switcher
Actually, I don't think $299 is a bad price for that...

Bman212121 01-03-08 03:50 PM

Re: Good HDMI Switcher
For high end it probably isn't that bad, but you can get a Cables to Go 3 port HDMI switch for $85. http://www.tigerdirect.com/applicati...897&CatId=3482

It can do a good job if it is passive since it really wouldn't do anything to interfere with the signal, but it probably doesn't use as good of components as a gefen would.

evilchris 01-03-08 05:12 PM

Re: Good HDMI Switcher
Oppo HM31. Anything else ****s up HDMI 1.3 transfer.

Rakeesh 01-04-08 01:49 AM

Re: Good HDMI Switcher
Switches, like cables, are way overpriced pretty much everywhere. Except monoprice:


Read the knowledge base page on there while you are at it. What they say there is 100% true. And that switch will work as good as any. Also, AFAICT, this switch has all of the same features as the $299 one linked above, though don't quote me on that as I haven't owned this particular one. 22 user reviews say it is a good one however.

bacon12 01-04-08 10:45 AM

Re: Good HDMI Switcher
Thanks for that link those are some awesome prices there. Anyone else ordered from there? Hows customer feedback?

Rakeesh 01-05-08 09:46 PM

Re: Good HDMI Switcher
I've ordered from monoprice before, didn't have any issues. Cables are very low priced and work very well.

I know many people on avs regularly order from there. Monoprice seems to be the HT equivalent of e.g. newegg here, at least for components anyways.

Libertysyclone 01-07-08 02:45 PM

Re: Good HDMI Switcher
You would have to be stupid not to buy from them :)

I have spent maybe $100 with them in the last 6 months. On cables that would have retail cost me around $300-400

Monoprice FTW!

Shipping isnt as fast as newegg but with the price savings, who cares.

amk21 01-08-08 04:34 PM

Re: Good HDMI Switcher

Originally Posted by DarthBeavis
how do u know the f up HDMI 1.3 transfer?


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