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beerglass 04-21-03 02:13 PM

need help with RAID
Just wondering if anyone knows how to safely deattach 2 drives from RAID 1 (mirroring) without losing any data

saturnotaku 04-21-03 02:18 PM

How do you mean? Are you moving your motherboard to a different case? Are you changing motherboards? Please be more specific as to what you want to accomplish.

beerglass 04-21-03 02:30 PM

because with RAID 1 you only get half the storage space of 2 hard drives, I decided to use them seperate without any RAID configuration, so I am not really sure how it's done, when I go to RAID configuration and select delete RAID it gives me warning message that all the data will be deleted. what do I do then?

Jan Kivar 04-24-03 01:44 AM

If You have Promise on-board RAID controller, You can safely disconnect both drives. You can then put them in the motherboard's ATA connectors (the ones You have your CD drives connected). It will boot from either of the drives. DO NOT delete the array from the BIOS, as it will overwrite the MBR on the drives. Just unplug the drives. The array will delete itself from the BIOS.

NOTE that this applies only to Promise controllers. I have of no experience of Highpoint or other manufacturer controllers.



beerglass 04-24-03 05:36 PM

cool, thanks a lot for your help. I do however have Highpoint, but it probably works the same way.

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