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Zapablast05 01-06-08 11:43 PM

Can someone fill me in on this Wolf Quest? Everywhere I look, someone's like "mother****ing Wolf Quest **** elk rabbit ****!" And I see Crainger speak of it more than most.

LORD-eX-Bu 01-06-08 11:49 PM

Re: Please?
****ing elk **** sucking **** rabbit muther****er damn elk kills **** pwn you muther****ers!! Wolf Quest! :headexplode:

crainger 01-07-08 12:05 AM

Re: Please?
Dude i was playn wolf quest the other day n this little **** **** of a cub came up to me n flipped me the bird so i ****ing pwnd his bitch ass n pissed on him tught him for acting like a ****ing elk round me after that i ****ed his she wolf mother she was hot stuffs.

Zapablast05 01-07-08 12:22 AM

Re: Please?
Lol, what's it about?

crainger 01-07-08 12:36 AM

Re: Please?
it's about pissin on elk and ****ing sexy she-wolves.

methimpikehoses 01-07-08 12:47 AM

Re: Please?

****ing DX11 sequence of justice being served.

LORD-eX-Bu 01-07-08 12:54 AM

Re: Please?

crainger 01-07-08 01:01 AM

Re: Please?
**** yeah! pwn that mother****ing elk prick piss on him mother****ing elk!

Then eat him nom nom nom.

crainger 01-07-08 01:05 AM

Re: Please?
How to hunt ****ing elk.


methimpikehoses 01-07-08 01:06 AM

Re: Please?
WolfQuest II: Wolves With ****ing Cars


LORD-eX-Bu 01-07-08 01:07 AM

Re: Please?
is that a rabbit? :lol:

crainger 01-07-08 01:09 AM

Re: Please?
No. It's a ****ing elk.

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