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lJoublanc 04-21-03 08:34 PM

compiling new nforce dri. for redhat 9
Just thought I would share my experience with getting the new linux drivers 0256 working with redhat 9.

Many people are unable to compile source rpms under rh9.

The problem is in the kernel supplied with redhat 9. You need to get a vanilla kernel (www.kernel.org), and compile it. After this, get the tarballs, and follow the nvidia instructions. Simple as that.

Would like to hear if this works for anyone else.

simoneves 04-22-03 05:28 PM

What's the difference...
I'd be happy to try this, but...

a) I don't know how (but will find out)
b) I'm kind of wary of using a non-Red Hat kernel (even if it is the true release version)

What are the differences, if any, between "vanilla" 2.4.20-8 and the Red Hat one? Is it likely to break anything else in Red Hat?

lJoublanc 04-22-03 06:04 PM

I'm not certain about the differences really... but from the three or four linux installations I've made so far, I always build a kernel from scratch. It also seems to make things go faster in general. And as far as I've noticed, nothing has stopped working.

As for building the kernel, the sources will come with pretty detailed instructions; also when running 'make menuconfig' you can press '?' to get more information about different options. The only thing you need to make sure is that you know exactly what kind of hardware you have.

simoneves 04-22-03 06:20 PM

Yeah, I downloaded the Kernel bz2 file and read the instructions. It all sounds straightforward except that how does one know which options to select. Is there a config file from the existing kernel that can be re-used, perhaps?

While it would be interesting to try, I think I'd be better off waiting for nVidia to release a version which compiles on (or an RPM for) default 9.0...

(cluck cluck)

dnoyeB 04-24-03 07:56 AM

shot in the dark
here is my shot in the dark guess and the differences between the kernels.

The Redhat kernels probably go through Redhats testing with certain components and whatnot. Then when a kernel patch comes out, they decide if its worth the cost to retest the patch. If so, they put it in, and test it, then give a new kernel number.

So its really the same kernels with different patches.

thats my guess.

jimbob0i0 04-24-03 08:48 AM

the issue actually comes down to the fact that redhat has included 2.5.x backports (specifically TLS) in their redhat 9 kernel. This is why the older geforce drivers will not work (for detailed descriptions do a search in the forum for how to phoebe).... It seems likely that these same cahnges are causing the problems with the current nforce drivers - this is why a current vanilla kernel will work..... it does not have TLS enabled.... however the 2.6.x series when it becomes stable will... better to sort it our now eh? But Andy has set they have a solution which will occur in teh next set of drivers which will squash this bug.

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