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showsjamie15 04-21-03 09:54 PM

viewing linux files from windows
is there anyway i can view and copy files from linux over to windows....the reason i want to is because i want to save some .log files over to windows...because i dont have a floppy drive to download them to....Any help would be appreciated....im using mandrake 9.0

brendan_orr 04-22-03 12:09 AM

You probably will have to get a Virtual Machine. VMware is pretty good. They have a demo available for download. What you would have to do is run linux inside the VM and send the log files to the FAT filesystem.

ollelgn 04-22-03 07:49 AM

There's a couple of utilities for mounting a partition or exporting files from an ext2 linux partition to windows.

Paragon Ext2FS Anywhere 2.5

brendan_orr 04-22-03 12:59 PM

Even better :)

alloneword 05-01-03 10:55 AM

What you really need is Explorer 2fs:


it is great!!

brendan_orr 05-01-03 11:29 AM

Thanks, I'll have to try that out when I reboot to windows. What about ReiserFS?

alloneword 05-01-03 12:21 PM

Not sure ... but I can confirm ext2 and ext3 both work fine.

It may work, can only try ...

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