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kvh 04-22-03 12:30 AM

nvnet IRQ
When running 2.4.19 I had no problems with nvnet (IRQ 11). However, when I run 2.4.20 kernel, nvnet loads O.K. but for some reason the IRQ is now 22. And the ethernet connection is dead (ie can't ping any other machines).
Why would the IRQ change in between kernels? And how do I fix it?

suexec 04-22-03 01:38 PM

If you have IRQ 22, it looks like the kernel has detected your IO-APIC assigining IRQ's higher than 15. I had this problem when I patched my kernel to use the latest acpi. It detected the IO-APIC, but the PCI IRQ routing was messed up. Any IRQs above 15 wasn't really working. The fix then I had was in your lilo or grub, put something like pci=noacpi

kvh 04-23-03 12:08 AM

Thank you very much. That worked great.

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