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jepylu 04-22-03 05:22 AM

help: non-root user cannot use gl
how do i enable the opengl as a non-root user?
after applying the kt400 work around opengl and other stuff run fine on x windows. but when i login as non-root user opengl applications/screensavers wont work.
is there something wrong with the permissions?
i'd really appreciate your help! thanks

bwkaz 04-22-03 08:39 AM

There might be something wrong with permissions... what do the GL programs/screensavers/whatever actually tell you when you try to run them?

Run them from a terminal.

walter 05-02-03 01:17 PM

similar problem

Originally posted by bwkaz
There might be something wrong with permissions... what do the GL programs/screensavers/whatever actually tell you when you try to run them?

Run them from a terminal.

I seem to have a similar problem, I'm using the drivers on a GeForce4 Go (Dell Inspiron 8500). X runs fine even with 4XAGP, but OpenGL applications (glxgears for example) just segfault or abort when I try to run them as a non-root user. system and X logs don't report anything unusual (and the GLX extension initializes). As root there's no problem. the permisions for the /dev/nvidia* files are set to 0666 and owned by root.root
I use a 2.4.21-rc1 kernel and nvidia drivers: 4363.

In the documentation I read that it might be a permission problem caused by pam. I use a kdm compiled with pam for graphical logins, however I do not have the pam module that might cause problems installed. Also the problem remains when I start x from a text console after using a login without pam support
also I have successfully used openGL applications on as non-root user on the same linux image, but with kernel 2.4.20 and nvidia drivers 2960 and a GeForce2 GTS. Permissions of other /dev entries seem to work fine...so I'm not sure if it really is a pam problem.
Resorting back to the old drivers might have been a solution, if they'd support the GeForce4Go.

I'm quite stuck, any help is appreciated.


bwkaz 05-02-03 05:12 PM

Try reverting your kernel version maybe? See if you can find the .config file that you used for 2.4.20, too...

jepylu 05-03-03 01:53 AM

thanks. anyways ive fixed the problem but another problem came out. fonts for openoffice and konqueror suddenly became gigantic when using the nvidia driver. when i revert back to nv everythings fine

bwkaz 05-03-03 07:17 AM

What was the fix? (so that others searching can find it ;))

As for the font issue, that sounds like a DPI thing. The fastest way to fix it is to lower the font size in your DE or WM. The issue, I believe, is that the opensource "nv" X driver always reports a DPI of 75x75 (I haven't checked this assumption directly, but keep reading), and when you install the "nvidia" X driver, it reports the real DPI (which is probably closer to 100x100), which it finds by querying the monitor over DDC or EDID or one of those.

The reason I think the "nv" X driver always reports 75x75 is, if you force the "nvidia" driver to report 75x75 (by using a DisplaySize line in your Monitor section), the fonts go back to "normal" size.

The way you calculate the DisplaySize is, take the resolution you run at, and divide each dimension by 75. Then convert from inches to millimeters (mult. by 25.4), and use those numbers in a line like so:

DisplaySize xxx yyy

in your Monitor section. But rather than forcing an incorrect DPI, you'd probably be better off decreasing the font size. Or maybe forcing your distro to use the "vesa" driver instead during installation, that way it'll set up the font sizes closer to the way they should be (AFAIK the vesa driver does detect DPI correctly).

jepylu 05-03-03 09:00 AM

I just followed the readme.

chmod 0666 /dev/nvidia*
chown root /dev/nvidia*

This is what i did after the kt400 workaround then it worked.

jepylu 05-06-03 08:04 AM

Thanks alot. Everything is working now. Ive set my displaysize to 320 by 240 since im on 1280x1024. I think the main prob is my monitor just sucks. :)

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