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Madpistol 01-11-08 11:22 PM

A potentially bad problem for my 6800 GT.
Well, my video games were being very sluggish on my old PC, so I decided to check the temperatures of the video card, as that's the only thing I can check on this stupid dell. To my surprise, the damn thing is idling @ 90C. :headexplode:

My first thought is "that's got to be an error from just updating the driver" so I opened up Rivatuner to confirm, and the temperature was confirmed. I immediately open up my computer and touch the HSF on the 6800 GT... It was ****in hot!!! It turns out that a wire has been in the fan now for at least a couple of weeks, which means my poor 6800 gt has withstood gaming abuse and such being cooled passively by a ****ty dell case with worse than ****ty airflow. :headexplode:

I pray that there's nothing wrong with the card itself. I fixed the problem, and the card is back down to a very nice 56C idle. It still works, as I'm typing this message on that very computer. I just don't know what to do now... :(

grey_1 01-12-08 10:33 AM

Re: A potentially bad problem for my 6800 GT.
That says a heck of a lot for the 6800 imho. I'm really surprised it didn't self-nuke, but if it's still fine now it will probably last a while yet. I have the same card in another rig, got it new on launch day and it still going strong.

Madpistol 01-13-08 12:29 AM

Re: A potentially bad problem for my 6800 GT.
It's one hell of a card. I've overclocked it to the moon and back, but it still doesn't budge on stability.

BTW, another problem arose on that computer today.

I tried to log on to my profile in XP, but about 15 seconds after I log on, the screen loses signal, goes blank, and the system freezes up. I was going to post the problem on here, but I got it fixed pretty quickly.

1. booted up in safe mode
2. noticed there was a restore point made when I installed crysis yesterday.
3. went back to that restore point.

Problem solved (thank god). I thought my old computer was a goner. :o

Whoops, I forgot to mention this, but the cooler on the 6800 GT is a Zalman VF700-CU. If it was still on stock, it would be dead.

grey_1 01-13-08 07:46 AM

Re: A potentially bad problem for my 6800 GT.
Lol, that zalman is the same cooler I use on mine and used on the 7800GT SLI setup I gave my brother. Great combo.

Glad you got things sorted with no apparent damage.

Sobbsy 01-16-08 11:10 PM

Re: A potentially bad problem for my 6800 GT.
What was the temperature threshold on 6800's again? 110 or thereabouts? 90 really isn't that bad, I've seen far far worse. A friend of mine had two 6600gt's in SLI, and the bottom card (ie; egg-fryer) was sitting at an average of about 85 degrees (celsius) for probably a good two weeks in his cramed little case. It still works just fine to this day, they're a tough series of cards those, and I'm sure you have nothing to worry about. With a stopped fan, I would've expected temperatures well over a hundred, so the air moving over the heatsink couldn't have been too bad (remember, opening your case and feeling the flow from that fan you mention isn't entirely accurate - with the side panel on, airflow is drastically altered, and likely improved).

Fingers crossed, sure, but I see no reason for it to fail. Be optimistic!

Madpistol 01-17-08 12:10 AM

Re: A potentially bad problem for my 6800 GT.
It hasn't failed yet. I also kept the slot cover beside the card open. I'm sure it helped the direction of the airflow, but lets face it... a dell case has horrible air flow. I mean awful. I can't find any vents in the front that would let air flow through the case. I seriously think the only air that the case gets is recycled from the back vent by the PCI and AGP cards. This is why I'm impressed the card survived. The cooler if fabulous if the fan is working, but if it isn't, airflow is atrocious.

Ofer80 01-18-08 12:04 PM

Re: A potentially bad problem for my 6800 GT.
Try to reinstall software!

Madpistol 01-18-08 12:57 PM

Re: A potentially bad problem for my 6800 GT.

Originally Posted by Ofer80
Try to reinstall software!

So what does this have to do with my old problem?

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