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saul 01-15-08 03:08 PM

Open Source the Driver!

I've been waiting a few years now for an x86-64 nVidia driver - now that we're at the point where it's almost inevitable to have 4 GB+ of RAM, I'm having trouble.

With regards to FreeBSD, the developers seem to be holding the position that the driver can be created using the existing API. nVidia's position is that FreeBSD needs to offer the same or similar calls that Linux/Solaris does.

Your opposition, ATI, has opened up its specs in the meantime.

Why not release the driver open source? That will correct the x86-64 FreeBSD issue. It will allow the driver to be ported to NetBSD and OpenBSD. It will make PC/Desktop BSD releases viable like Ubuntu.

nVidia developers won't need to struggle as much - ports and updates will be added by various developers around the world, and the nVidia developers can merely add new support.

I don't see how this can hurt nVidia.

I can guarantee that it will hurt nVidia if ATI manages to get a viable driver across all these operating systems. I can't speak for everyone, but I've been purchasing and recommending nVidia for the past few years specifically because of better driver support.

It's the geeks running this tiny market share of OSes, and the geeks who recommend particular hardware brands to their families and friends.

Schugy 01-15-08 04:05 PM

Re: Open Source the Driver!
Please don't open the drivers. ATI needs the money :p

lazyklimm 01-17-08 02:21 AM

Re: Open Source the Driver!
I wish NVidia could open specs for old PreFX cards
Or, at least, port 96xx drivers to FreeBSD 7.x

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