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TA00 08-23-02 11:58 AM

Suse Linux 8.0 - Geforce 4 TwinView
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Hello everyone !

I have problems configuring X to use twinview.

Mainboard Asus P5A
Geforce 4 MX 440
nvidia Kerneldriver and nv_glx
Suse 8.0 (own kernel)

I've modifyd the XF86Config (last time with the sample file which comes with the nv-drivers) but I can't use twinview (tested the card with windoof - TVout works).
The message fron the logfile "only one display connecte - disabling twinview"

Can anyone help me (I've been testing one week every evening)

Lethal Weapon 08-23-02 10:12 PM

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here is my setup

i know it's a big mess ;) but you'll probably find what you need in it

TA00 08-25-02 11:47 AM

@ Lethal Weapon
Thank you for posting your config - but it don't work with my hardware. If I try "twinview" it's the same "only one display connected; disabling twinview" - and if I try only TV X don't start "Screen(s) fond but none have a usable configuration. I use you config only changing the horiz range (lineted to 75 - TFT)

Any more idears

regards christoph

krotaaf 08-26-02 07:00 AM

the same problem
I have the same problem on RH 7.3. Geforce2 MX worked OK with twinview, but Geforce4 MX440 does not. I have tried GF2 config file, modified it xxx times, but when it tries to detect the tvout chipset, X aborts...

Thunderbird 08-26-02 09:16 AM

Your twinview problem is very easy to solve. You are using:
Option "MetaModes" "1200x1024,null; 1024x768,null; 800x600,800x600; 640x480,640x480"

(likely 1200x1024 needs to be 1280x1024 but the topic isn't about that)

The syntax of metamodes is as following:
"resolution screen1, resolution screen2"
where in your case screen1 is your DFP and screen2 is your TV. At the moment X starts up at 1200x1024 on screen 1. When X is in that mode, screen2 will be blank because its value is "null". When you would switch to 800x600 on your DFP your TV would become active, because then its resolution isn't null.

And in your case the same image would appear on both screens because of "clone".

I would read a bit more about twinview in the docs and good luck.

TA00 08-28-02 02:54 AM

May be that this was one problem - but not the main problem. Changing to 1280x1024 will have no positive result. The message is still "only one device....; disabling Twinview". But it seems that I'm not the only one whith this problem. (see above).
Searching the net, I found a notice that nvidia ?? change the TV chip for this card, but no information which chip is used.

any more idears ??

Thunderbird 08-28-02 01:48 PM

For 1280x1024 you should use for example the following Metamode: "1280x1024, 640x480@1280x1024".

The GF4 MX contains a builtin tvout chipset. It is something developed by nvidia. The part can do max 1024x768 on TV's. Only 640x480 and 800x600 can be recommended on PAL and on NTSC only 640x480. All other resolutions are interlaced.

TA00 08-29-02 03:50 PM

That still change nothing - I've try to get a setup only using TV (ConnectedMonitor" "TV") but I can do what I want - the only message is "Screen(s) found but none have a usable configuration" - Can something be wrong (needed) by the rpm package from Suse ? ex. must I compile a new X Server ?

- I'm going on holiday for a week tomorrow (without a computer ;-)), hope there will be some new idears

TA00 08-30-02 03:24 AM

:confused: I found a XFree.x.log on the internet (from a geforce2) - there the lspci detected 2 devices on the pci bus - one card and a booktree device. If I use lspci, there is only one graphic device (geforce) detected (the other are PCI - ISA, sound, scsi and some other) but no second device that looks like the tv-chipset. Could that be the problem ? Is there somebody who have TwinView with geforce4 MX 440, Xfree 4.2.0 and Suse 8.0 ?

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