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JWINGS 01-20-08 01:40 AM

HDMI on TV but not movie
for years I have used my (YUCK) windows computers to rum movies on my big screen
But I hate windows and have wanted to go linux. well here I am fedora 8 and a nvidia7800
I have HDMI cable and do get a fedora screen But I can't seem to see the movies on the TV
I have tried clone, duelview but still no movies :(
Any ideas ?

Lyme 01-20-08 12:44 PM

Re: HDMI on TV but not movie
I don't run linux, and haven't for ~15ish years.

However, try searching the web regarding dvd codec's for linux. You might need to get one.
Also search regarding dvd playback copyprotection, you may need to fiddle or something.

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