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jszobody 04-23-03 03:55 PM

Toshiba Satellite + Redhat 9 + nVidia Geoforce 4

I just did a Redhat 9 install on my Toshiba Satellite 2415-S205 this week. This laptop has nVidia GeoForece4 420 graphics. Yesterday I downloaded the nVidia drivers from the nVidia website and installed them. The install process was smooth, and everything actually works... it just doesn't look all that pretty.

I can only get 800x600 resolution, it looks a bit blurry, and there is a big black strip down the right side of the screen.

After doing some Google searches, I found a webpage that suggested that I edit the os-registry.c file making the following two changes...

NVreg_SoftEDID = 0;
NVreg_Mobile = 2;

... and then compile the driver.

1. Can anyone tell me if my problem is a known issue and should I make the suggested changes and if so...
2. How do I compile the driver after making these changes

Any help is appreciated. As I'm sure you can tell, I'm kinda new to this :)


jszobody 04-23-03 06:10 PM

After some more searching, I saw someone had put the following in the XF86Config file:

Option "IgnoreEDID" "1"

I tried it, it's beautiful! I still get the black strip with TuxRacer, but the desktop looks and works great.


DWebb82 05-10-03 12:06 AM

Tux Racer Fix....
To fix tux racer to displayer properly go into your root or home directory (whichever you are running tux racer at root or user). Click on view and show hidden files. A directory should come up with something about tux. If you go into that directory their should be a config file. Open that file with an editor and go down a couple of lines. There is an X and Y axis. These are your display modes. Fill in your proper display mode and save. Then just start Tux and you won't have the black line. You must do this for all of your 3D games because the games configuration files don't know what your display settings are for some weird reason. I know this is vague somewhat, but it will work. Any questions then email me DWebb82@msn.com.

Have Fun,

jszobody 05-10-03 03:39 PM


Thanks a heap. That worked perfectly.


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