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Tygerwoody 01-21-08 10:17 AM

TV keeps losing its convergence calibration..
Not sure exactly whats going on. A little over a month ago I got my TV calibrated which included a full 117 point convergence. The day the guy calibrated the TV, it was absolutely gorgeous. You couldn't get a sharper picture. Then over time, I noticed that for no reason whatsoever, the picture wasn't as sharp.

I am a stickler when it comes to video quality, so I checked both the 9 point convergence points and even the full 117 points. They were a large amount off. Still, be that as it may. I did spent a few hours doing the convergence myself. The TV didn't look *as* good as when it was professionally done, but it still looked damn good. Definitely was happy with what I did.

Now here I am two weeks later after my full 117 point convergence, and I noticed a slight degrade in the image quality. I checked the convergence and sure enough, its off again. :wtf:

Does anyone know what might be going on? Convergence isn't exactly something that should be moving around. Its suppose to stay put. Any ideas on what I can check would be greatly appreciated.

npras42 01-21-08 10:27 AM

Re: TV keeps losing its convergence calibration..
Well there are only a couple of things I can think of:

a) you live somewhere where the earth's magnetic field changes quite a lot from day-to-day. Its quite improbable but certainly not impossible.

b) you have speakers and other equipment in your room that produce a magnetic field and the variation in their magnetic field is causing convergence to screw up.

c) your tv is defective (probably most likely).

lduguay 01-21-08 04:02 PM

Re: TV keeps losing its convergence calibration..
Decades ago, i had a RPTV :), and had a similar problem. It turned out that the video amp was dying and caused major convergence problems.

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