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jake_maveric_05 01-22-08 09:15 PM

Guild Wars Connection problems with Vista.
I had Guild Wars since it came out. Had it on XP, never had a problem. Bought me a new Dell 531 with MORE than enough butt in it to play this game. I get FPS of 60 - 150 throught playing.

My problem is my connection to the game. I am using the same router i had with Windows XP (Coming from the computer downstairs to mine up stairs). I have a top of the line wireless card (802.11g). Had connection problems with my router at first, fixed that. Get amazing speeds.

Now, when i go to play guild wars. I get some serious problems. Within seconds my ping flies into the 2ks 5ks, nad even into the 30k ping range. I mean it just totally bogs out. I turn off Firewall, Defender, my virus software, ANYTHING that would use my internet while playing. Nothing works.

I do notice however, that when i leave the game. In the corner of my screen (bottom right) the network icon has changed. When i have FULL internet connection, it shows two computers and a Globe, but when i leave guildwars, the globe is gone and all i have is a Local Area connection (Instead of my Local Area and Internet). Once i open Internet Explorer, the globe comes back and returns to normal.

I have no idea whats going on. Im about to replace my 300w power supply, because ive heard that some computers will cut Voltage on PCI slots and stuff in order to save power and when it doesnt have enough power. Im fixin to put a 480w in this mother by the end of next week and see if it keeps it up.

If anyone knows how to fix this problem, or if they have the same problem. Please let me know.

Thanks much! This place is really awesome!

Dell Inspiron 531
(Everything in this computer came from Dell...)

CPU: Althon X2 2.6
Ram: 2GB
Graphics: Nvidia 8600GT
Windows Vista Home Premium
802.11g Wirelessnetwork Card(PCI)
300w powersupply

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