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aitalo 04-24-03 06:09 AM

Hello friends:
I've just started using Linux and I installed Mandrake 9.0 alone. Could someone tell me how to configure the X86Config ( it seems a read only text) ? I have already installed the driver IA32, I'm using TNT2 M64 video card. This file is showing 'nv' drive. After that is in X86 config that I change to AGP? Mandrake Control Center'is saying my videocard is PCI, it's not true. After I have installed the driver, could I do all changes using the Mandrake Control Center? Untill this moment, I cant't see my video card type (TNT2 M64) in the X Server of Mandrake C. Center in XFree86 4.2.1.

ptfe 04-25-03 06:19 PM

:eek: for changes to important system files such as you are trying to make, you must log in as root but be careful as it is easy to end up with a non working system. also, some editors will open files in a readonly mode, so if you already are root, then try a different editor or looking for an option to open the file in a read/write mode.

aitalo 04-26-03 08:58 AM

Hi ptfe, thanks for helping me:

Iwas using Ktext and Kedit, but they didin't let me save the file. The only way I found to edit this file was writing x86fcfg int the root. It let me change the drive to nvidia in a window that open when I do this command. However, I didn't see anything about open configuration and the games are very slow. writing w86config nothing happens. Please how is the best way to edit this file, step by step because I've just started in Linux World.

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