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Kiamu 04-24-03 12:01 PM

nvaudio 0256 prob
the network driver seems to work (not tested, but the modules loads without a problem), but:

the audio driver compiles, but i get unresolved symbols while modprobing. btw, the i810 audio driver fails to compile...
(using 2.4.21-rc1, glibc-2.3.2, gcc-3.2.2, build from scratch)

any1 an idea ?

DiscipleDOC 04-25-03 12:22 PM

hardware specs?

souljah 04-26-03 11:37 AM

someone can tell me what's better :
- install alsa drivers
- or nvidia drivers for sound

i have an nforce2 on a mk9.1
with a 5.1 audio system

thx for answers !

souljah 04-26-03 11:38 AM

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." St. John 1:1

yeahh man

tkloppel 06-14-03 12:44 PM

Eh, na man.
In the begining there was a huge expansion of space and time, then a few billion years later man invented the idea of "God".

tkloppel 06-14-03 12:45 PM

I appologize, this is no place for pro/anti religious remarks.

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