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mvp 04-24-03 12:18 PM

login trouble with samba/swat
Hello people.

I just installed samba and then swat on my debian server, and enabled it in ident.. now, when i connect to http://host:901 it asks me for login/pass, when i type in root and the password it says "username or password incorrect".
Can anyone tell me how i can add users, so i will be able to login using my root account

Ralph Scharpf 04-24-03 03:00 PM

Hi mvp,

why did you post samba questions into an nvidia hardware group?

I'm no samba expert and happy when it runs on my machines (I have some old OS/2 machines I am using together with samba, no M$ machines). But perhaps the following will help solving your problem.

Perhaps you have enabled encrypted passwords (I think these are default) without setting passwords for you users. So you should add an encrypted password for every user you woupld like to use with samba.

You can use smbpasswd -a <user> to add a password for <user>. Passwords are stored in /etc/samba/smbpasswd (or where else samba has its configuration). If <user> has already been added to smbpasswd you need not to give the "-a" option.

Good luck


mvp 04-25-03 09:46 AM

Hey Ralph

I posted the question here because i think it falls in under the category linux software on this website ;)

after playing around with it i tried the "smbpasswd -a user" cmd and it works fine when trying to access my comp via \\ip\
it still dosen't work when i try to enter by the web using swat, "http://host:901". but i have uninstalled swat for now, and installed webmin, its pretty easy to share dirs through samba that way :)
thanks for your help


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