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Steven301 04-24-03 02:37 PM

Geforce fx 5200 and 3d gaming
I've been running plenty of games since upgrading suse8.1 to suse8.2, i've installed so far quake2, quake3, unreal tournament, unreal tournament 2003, and serious sam the first encounter and second encounter, I started to notice that when I was pushing ut2003 alittle to see were it stands on benching that after setting the ut2003.ini within /home/myself/.ut2003 to use more than 32megs for cache that it started to reboot the system, and thought that it caused problem, but after removing the file ut2003.ini and starting the game it built a new file but it started to reboot the system in less than 5 minutes. Is there a heating problem with Geforce fx 5200 cards that do not have active cooling on the video card? These cards were promoted as gaming/dx9 for the masses but its anything if all you can get out of the cards is maybe 10-20 mins of gaming at a time.

Is there anyway I can find out for sure that its cooling/ overheating thats causing the problems or just a bad install of a game under linux?


Steven301 04-24-03 02:46 PM

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ok attached xf86 and xfree86.o.log in this post.

Andy Mecham 04-24-03 05:50 PM

An overheating card wouldn't (well, shouldn't) cause a system reboot.

Does this happen with games other than UT2003? Are you patched up to the latest patch? Have you tried 1.0-4363?


Steven301 04-25-03 08:31 AM

I'll try 4363's this morning and yes it happens when I play any opengl game, I don't even have to be actively playing it just reboots the system like so body hit the reset switch, and as far as patches goes I use the new yast online update to check every night around 12:00pm, when I am at work so as not to mess with me while I play on the system. Last time I manually patched the system was last tuesday when I got the new os, which is why uptill now its only done it since installing the games. All games are patched using loki_update to the lates including
ut2003 = 2225
quake3 = 1.32b
quake2 = icculus 15
ssamtfe = 3rd patch
ssamtse = still only 1 patch
ut = 436 was last offical patch

I patch all games as they come out religiously, once again let me try the 4363's see if it helps, my geforce fx 5600 MIGHT come in today so I'll have to redo nvidia drivers anyway, and Thank you for try to help, god bless.


Steven301 04-25-03 09:09 AM

Well tryed the new drivers for 4363's same thing was in quake3 doing some benches, nicely too, when I tryed pushing the graphics up to trilinear for bi, when the system rebooted after running 2 benchmarks back to back, got 111.4 in 11.3 seconds which with the default refresh rate of 79, is not bad. The heatsink on the gpu does feel warm but not hot to the touch, so right now I'am not sure if its just new suse8.2 install or card thats problem, hopefully it will work its way out or when I get the new card I'll find out for sure if its the card. ;)

Steven301 04-28-03 11:11 AM

Hey Andy I got some time to work on my pc since I work mainly weekends and I found out why when playing games the system would reboot, turns out that the cpu0 fan header the I used to connect the cpu fan is burnt out, I don't know how I manage to run the system let alone ut2003 for 5-10minutes before system rebooted, just thought I'd let you know that it was not the graphics card.

:retard: = me

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