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Ralph Scharpf 04-24-03 02:49 PM

nforce2 network thoughput

I took the updated network drivers on my nforce2 based system (EP8RDA+ running debian woody, kernel 2.4.18) and did a simple throughput test.

ping -s 1024 -f -c 2000 xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

I have a local 100MBit network and also tried a x-cable without any switch or hub in between.

I was able to transmit the 2000 packets in about 1 second.

The second test I did was a ftp connection between 2 computers. This brings a transfer rate of about 1.7MByte/s. The CPU load rises some times up to 50%.

When I do both tests together they do not influence each other, so both test run at same performance. When I run 2 times ping (with higher count) and also the ftp all three test reach a throughput of about 2MByte/s.

I use the parameter optimization=0 for the nvnet module in order to reach full best performance.

Was anybody able to reach full 100MBit/s performance with nforce2 hardware in a single connection?

Has anybody an idea what could cause the low performance of a single transmission?


mokbaberia 05-08-03 11:43 AM

Same problem with network performance
I have the same problem, the network performance is just terrible, i really think that the dual-channel RAM doesn't pays off for all the problems and bad performance that it provides. I really think that NVidia should pay more attention to the Linux users of the NForce2 (and NForce for that matter) chipset, no matter how much i tweak the system i've very very limited, i guess i'll just have to use Realtek NICs on the A7N8X systems as well (NForce? never again)

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