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BronzeGod 02-02-08 03:21 PM

Finally overclocked my XFX 8800GTS
I bought the XFX 8800GTS 640mb about 2 months after it first came out. I've never overclocked the card until today. Currently at:

570mhz core
1000(2000)mhz mem
1500mhz shader

It might be able to go higher core and slightly memory, I think the shader is max stable.

GPU-Z says 80GB/s bandwidth, holy hell lol.

Any advice/experience guys? Oh this is NOT the superclocked version either.

BronzeGod 02-02-08 05:26 PM

Re: Finally overclocked my XFX 8800GTS
Stable at

550core 975mem 1500shader

john19055 02-11-08 02:16 AM

Re: Finally overclocked my XFX 8800GTS
I would think the core would overclock to at least 600mhz ,I have two Evga 8800GTS 640mb when they first came out and one will do 675/1566/955 and the other one will top out at 648 /1512/920,so I just flashed them to ,621/1458/900 ,and it makes a big difference from stock of 500/1188/792.

RaidenWoW 02-11-08 02:23 AM

Re: Finally overclocked my XFX 8800GTS
Check my signature. It runs well with my clocks.

bob saget 02-11-08 03:05 AM

Re: Finally overclocked my XFX 8800GTS
sig, just overclocked it recently. :D liking it.
unfortunately, vista wont let rivatuner startup at start, so i have to manually start it and adjust clocks. its not a huge deal for me at all though.

john19055 02-11-08 03:47 AM

Re: Finally overclocked my XFX 8800GTS
That why I flashed mine both to 621/1458/900,so I don't have to mess with overclocking it each time.But flashing can be a gamble ,but I have done it on ever card I have had ,so i feel pretty safe doing it,plus I new I had some head room in overclocking both of them.Been thinking about doing a hard mod on the voltage to get a better overclock ,but the points where to solder is just to tiny and I can't afford to fry them.

kaptkarl 03-08-08 02:29 PM

Re: Finally overclocked my XFX 8800GTS
check my clock speeds. I have the OC'd version, but still can squeeze more if I needed to (which I don't w/ current games, even Crysis runs great at 1400x900 all high except post processing)

Push that baby more....the 8 series cards are what the ATI 9700 pro was a few yrs ago....ahead of the times!

my 2 cents:D


BioHazZarD 03-08-08 04:06 PM

Re: Finally overclocked my XFX 8800GTS
only 570 on the core ? my leadtek can do 650mhz stable.

Feyy 03-08-08 04:15 PM

Re: Finally overclocked my XFX 8800GTS
Check my sig for info ;)

Also the stated overclocks are all rivatuner given ones, currently only riva shows the correct values.
Also to check your overclock for the best possible stability i highly recommend this (http://www.ozone3d.net/benchmarks/fur/)
Leave it run for approx 30 mins as [Stability Test, 1024x768, Non Fullscreen(unless SLI) and x2 MSAA]

Now the Fur really pushes the card to its limits, so keep an eye on the temps throughout the test.
In theory no game will push the temps this high, its just to guarantee a certain degree of stability and peace of mind ;)

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