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ATOJAR 02-02-08 04:03 PM

AI Booster question?
A mate of mine dont know alot about overclicking, he said hes been using asus AI Booster, he keeps getting BSOD's while using the AI Booster! ... just a quick question about the AI Booster, does the AI Booster actually load the setting to your bios or are the settings loaded with windows? he says "I think the program has direct access to the bios so if you change it in AI Booster then drop into your bios you will find the same results there!" ....

Could somebody please shed some light onto this for me?

ATOJAR 02-03-08 08:56 AM

Re: AI Booster question?

newfiejudd 02-03-08 09:12 AM

Re: AI Booster question?
AI booster has worked for me only to about 10%. if you want the max OC you need to OC in the bios. Google teh board he has and see what people are running for stable OC`s. I used a few pages to OC my striker to 3.6 ghz on air.

XDanger 02-08-08 05:29 PM

Re: AI Booster question?
AI booster is the most pointless thing ever ,Made for people who cant press the delete key.

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