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athlonuser 04-24-03 03:25 PM

rh9 / 4363 breaks open office and xmms
mobo - epox 8kta3
proc - athlon 900
video card - GeForce2 MX 400
video bios -
driver - Linux-1.0--4363
distro - rh9 (2.4.20-6 kernel)

both xmms and openoffice fail to even start.
both programs showed similar behavior under the previous (-4349) driver.
i'd seen mention of the later 2.4.20-9 kernel patch in the discussion threads. should i give this a shot before doing anything else?

bwkaz 04-24-03 03:47 PM

I'd at least try it, though I don't know how much it'll help.

When you say they don't start, what actually happens? Run them from a terminal, and see what gets printed.

athlonuser 04-24-03 04:12 PM

looks like segmentation fault for xmms, don't know how to start openoffice from shell...
will have to download the 20-9 kernel patch. as i'm on dialup it may take a bit. thanks for the response.

bwkaz 04-24-03 04:27 PM

I think you can start OpenOffice with ooffice, but I'm not sure -- hit oo, then hit the tab key a couple of times to see what it thinks exist, in the way of executables that start with "oo".

athlonuser 04-24-03 05:03 PM

open office
the oofice seemed to do the trick, unfortunately it returned the same "segmentation fault" as xmms seemed to. still downloading the kernel patch, so we'll see.

bwkaz 04-24-03 05:10 PM

Maybe doing something like export LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.2.5 before starting xmms might help? If it does, then redo the nVidia drivers, but pass --force-tls=new to the installer.

I remember a very few people who couldn't get the installer to detect their glibc / kernel TLS support correctly; you might be having that same problem. Maybe. Try the LD_ASSUME_KERNEL thing first.

athlonuser 04-24-03 05:39 PM

the export L_ASSUME_KERNEL_2.2.5 worked beautifully. it ran both programs but while running xmms reported

libGL.so.1: cannot handle TLS data

now should i uninstall the nvidia driver, then do the

sh NVIDIA-Linux-1.0-4363.run --force-tls=new

Andy Mecham 04-24-03 05:43 PM

You need to upgrade your glibc package - the boxed version of RedHat 9 shipped with a broken glibc. That's the source of your problems.


athlonuser 04-24-03 05:54 PM

so after downloading and installing the new and improved glibc i need to reinstall the nvidia drivers or is simply installing the non-broken glibc enough?

Andy Mecham 04-24-03 05:56 PM

The tls_test in the installer might have failed, depending. It's probably best to reinstall the driver to make sure the TLS libraries are installed. You shouldn't need to force them.


athlonuser 04-25-03 06:55 PM

sorry no joy
tried the glibc i686 upgrade rpm, the 2.4.20-9 i686 kernel upgrade rpm, uninstalled and reinstalled the nvidia drivers after both, still needed to use the
export LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.2.5
to make xmms and openoffice jump.
even tried to force the tls as bwkaz mentioned trying and it still didn't help.

bwkaz 04-25-03 09:45 PM

Just to make doubly sure the glibc update happened, what does running /lib/libc.so.6 tell you, in the first line, where it has the version string?

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