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Capt. Picard 02-05-08 02:53 PM

Old problem out, new problem in ...
The problem of Edubunutu not picking up my onboard network card has een solved. I just ripped out my wireless network card.

But how do I dual boot with Edubuntu (Linux) and XP on the same PC.
I have edbuntu already on the PC on a 35GB partition. I have a 5GB swap file partition and then I have the rest (40GB) as a partition made with the Edubuntu CD. Although If I boot with the XP Cd and then try to delete and create a Windows partition, it say I can't do that.

What is the correct sequence of procedures to follow.

I'm a Linux über-noob. Please keep this in mind.

grey_1 02-05-08 04:57 PM

Re: Old problem out, new problem in ...
You need to install XP first, then 'buntu will install the GRUB boot loader. It's been so long since I shared a single hdd with the 2 I don't remember if GRUB in 'buntu automagically configures XP, I think it does.

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