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consumetachas 04-24-03 11:35 PM

xfree compiled
It happened like this: I had my GeForce4 MX 420 working nicely in my Debian Unstable.

Since I like compiling things, I uninstalled the xfree package and compiled a new one. It is working now, but I cannot get more than 8bpp.

I just downloaded the new nvidia driver, but still the same.

By the way, it the nvidia splash screen doesn't appear anymore.

Any ideas??


consumetachas 04-24-03 11:51 PM

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i forgot the logfile.. here it is

Andy Mecham 04-25-03 01:40 AM

Are you requesting 24 bit color? Can you post an XF86Config file?


consumetachas 04-26-03 12:33 AM

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sure i can ... here it is.. thank you

bwkaz 04-26-03 07:29 AM

Add a line to the Screen section, right below Monitor "Monitor0", that reads:

DefaultDepth 24

And see if that helps.

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