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Mr Bigman 02-07-08 11:20 PM

Hard Drive Update
I was using a pair of 74 gig raptors before 8mb cache not that good but for Raptors it was fine before.

I am using a sata2 320 at the moment for the OS drive.

I was toing with the idea of a RaptorX drive but their only Sata 150 but have 16 mb cache.

I have tons or storage room but looking at a 1T drive over the Raptor 150.

Not doing raid on the OS drive cuz the os is loaded and im not reloading unless i can copy the image of the drive to a raid0 setup but that would be hard so i need one damn fast drive and i can just image the 320 over to a speedier drive.

Im staying WD cuz i match up brands.

Whats faster a 1T drive or a RaptorX drive for the OS load?

Or even a 750 would do fine.

stncttr908 02-08-08 07:49 AM

Re: Hard Drive Update
Since the platter density is so high now, 1TB drives often approach Raptor speeds in overall throughput. Of course burst times will probably be slower due to the lower RPM, but sustained transfers should fly.

Mr Bigman 02-08-08 06:50 PM

Re: Hard Drive Update
Toms HW says that the WD750 SE16 compets well with the Raptors series.

I see the drive slow down usually after half the drive is filled but an OS drive should always be a smaller drive and faster and leave the storage to a raid setup keeping the critical docs on the OS drive since its a single drive cuz of raid messup.

I was told that leaving the 320 alone cuz for an OS drive its plenty of room and is Sata 2 fast enough.

It boils down tot his, people shouldn't raid their OS drive incase they need to boot up a live cd to fix os problems cuz usually raid setups requite a floppy disk or 3rd party driver to be loaded to show a raid0 setup intact.

This topic has so many opinions cuz of speed or reliability.

I want both speed and reliabillity and i think alot of people claim that a Raptor series drive should be the first drive as the bootup drive cuz of speed but others like to raid also.

XDanger 02-08-08 08:22 PM

Re: Hard Drive Update
os has lots of tiny files all over the shop and page so a raptor is better for os because of random read performance ,Its not about transfer rate.

8ms vs 11ms (guessing)

Separate OS drive + ,Separate OS sata controller ++

To be honest though everythings fast enough these days ,I click , Its there ,I dont think a few milliseconds makes much difference.

I had Vista on striped 36gb, After the array broke I didn't notice any difference (apart from a lower score)

Mr Bigman 02-08-08 10:12 PM

Re: Hard Drive Update
And you don't need tons of room on an OS drive anyway.

Raid has a chance of breaking on the OS drive and its hard bringing it back up.

I prefer one fast hd so the Raptor would be it like the Raptor X .

Any why aren't the Raptors using Sata II yet?

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