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holoman 04-25-03 03:26 AM

4363 and libGLU
What happened to libGLU in version 4363? It does not seem to come with the distribution? Or am I totally missing something??



bwkaz 04-25-03 07:43 AM

libGLU never came with the driver. Any libGLU is going to be written to only depend on GL calls; libGL does come with the driver.

You can use any GLU implementation (for example, the one that comes with XFree86 or the one that comes with Mesa) that you want. At least, that was the case back in Mesa 4.something, last time I tried using its GLU -- I've been using X's GLU ever since then.

Don't tell me you deleted your libGLU.so files expecting the driver to recreate them...

Kiamu 04-25-03 08:57 AM

i thought the XGlu = MesaGlu ?

at least the GL in X is Mesa, isn't it?

bwkaz 04-25-03 09:46 AM

I don't know, maybe. I did notice that last time I installed Mesa's GLU, it tried to overwrite X's libGLU.so files, so I do know that they both include libGLU.

I don't know whether the version or code is different, though.

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