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michaelYu2001 04-25-03 12:42 PM

My nVIDIA-Ti display card cannot recognised by redHat 9
Dear Expects,

I am a new user of Linux, recently I installed the RH9 in my Desktop , but my display card (which is the nVIDIA) is not a choice of Redhat 9. This makes me very depressing as I heard that the nVIDIA's chip set support for redHat 9, but now I have no way to solve this display problem. Could you give me some way to solve the problem? THX!


LordMorgul 04-26-03 04:19 AM

While installing RH9 you should choose a default nvidia card type, it may not list your exact card but any generic geforce or riva listed card will do.

After the system manages to start with the generic driver (note this is a 2d driver ONLY) you need to get the installer for the nvidia 3d driver and install it (carefully following the directions listed in the readme available on their site) if you want 3d or hardware acceleration to operate.

There is no GeForce Ti card that won't work that I'm aware of.

michaelYu2001 04-26-03 04:57 AM

What is the default card type?
Dear LordMorgul,

Thx for reply. I am only the beginner of Linux, so I am still not sure about the default type of the card. Is that is one the Linux select for me during I install? I remmeber it is the type like
" nVIDIA G-Force4 nv"
Is it the default type you mean?

And also, there is another problem is that I cannot choose a corresponding monitor in Linux RedHat 9 as i purchased the Philips 150S4 LCD monitor. The RH9 cannot recogonise my monitor, so I ramdomly choose one which can help me to use the 1024X700 mode. And I found that the middle of the monitor is much blurred that the area beside. What should I do to set the monitor?

Michael Yu

LordMorgul 04-26-03 05:44 PM

Yes, the 'generic' Geforce 'nv' driver you chose is correct and should work fine for 2d graphics work. If you want to install the 3d accelerated graphics drivers, get the newest driver from:


For you monitor, proper configuration of an LCD is something I have no direct experience with. However the configuration must be placed into the file:

which is the file that configures all of the X11 server's settings. There is a monitor section here, and you will need to edit this section with information specific to your LCD. Getting that information and the format of entering I don't know, but if you post a short excerpt of the file, or attach it here someone may.

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