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ATi 02-12-08 06:53 PM

cant run 64bit crysis???
crysis is in my x86 files but i have vista 64 and crysis wont run on 64 how do i make this work???:(

AthlonXP1800 02-12-08 07:28 PM

Re: cant run 64bit crysis???
Run 64bit crysis.exe from bin64 folder.

ATi 02-12-08 07:49 PM

Re: cant run 64bit crysis???
i did but it just:( crashes

breathemetal 02-12-08 07:58 PM

Re: cant run 64bit crysis???
mine does the same

hokeyplyr48 02-12-08 08:46 PM

Re: cant run 64bit crysis???
there was a thread about this a while back when it was released.

if i remember it had something to do with SLI profiles (regardless whether your using it or not)....or i could be blatantly wrong.

tbh just google it

EDIT: OP state your operating system, as it will yield more results

if you have vista 64:

XxDeadlyxX 02-12-08 10:53 PM

Re: cant run 64bit crysis???
DX9/DX10 and 32-bit/64-bit all work fine here.

ATi 02-12-08 11:27 PM

Re: cant run 64bit crysis???

Originally Posted by breathemetal
mine does the same

i fixed it just uninstall the nvidia network driver and it should work works here!(nana2)

Toss3 02-18-08 05:40 PM

Re: cant run 64bit crysis???
Hmm, I got it to work by clicking on the crysis.exe file in the 64 bit folder? Says crysis64.exe under task manager. Clicking on the crysis64 executable results in black screen and error. :)

hokeyplyr48 02-19-08 09:34 AM

Re: cant run 64bit crysis???
when i got this game (lee) there was a folder that said 64-bit fix. you just copy the .exe's into the 32 and 64 bit folders and it worked for me.


ATi 02-19-08 04:55 PM

Re: cant run 64bit crysis???
it was not working for me because the nvidia network drivers

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