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Heulsuse 08-24-02 01:45 AM

Crashes in Wolfenstein SP Demo
Wolfenstein always crashes after clicking [apply] in the "options - graphics" menu.

If I don't change the graphics settings and just try to play, the intro looks really ugly (wrong colors/textures) and at some point it stops so I can't play.

I tried other 3D games (tuxkart, tuxedo, tux racer, search and rescue, glchess) and they all work well.

My System:
ASUS P5A Bios version 1011
ALi M1541
PNY Verto (GeForce4 Ti 4200)
SuSE 8.0 (I recompiled the NV driver)

The NVidia README says that ALi 1541 chipsets (1541 = M1541 ??) have problems with AGP so NVdriver will disable it by default. That is not true, AGP was enabled (/proc/drivers/nvidia/agp/status).

Turning AGP off (NvAGP=0) does not help Wolfenstein.

The BIOS is configured as described in the README ("Turbo AGP" disabled, "IO Recover Time" set to 4).

logan 08-24-02 02:32 PM


That first bit sounds to me like the same stuff I saw when I would update debian, to find NVIDIA's GL libraries replaced with mesa3d's.

Although you are able to play other games, perhaps rtcw demo comes with another GL lib, or is searching in some predefined paths that contain another.

Heulsuse 08-24-02 03:10 PM

Thanks! The links to the libs were the problem
> NVIDIA's GL libraries replaced with mesa3d's

My problem was similar: I had 2 links:

libGL.so.1 -> GL/libGL.so.1.0.2960.nv_glx
libGL.so -> GL/libGL.so.1.2.xf86_glx

libGL.so linked to the old glx, so I changed it to link to libGL.so.1

'nv_check' helped me finding the problem source. Here's the link to that script:

Good FAQs on Wolfenstein Linux /nVIDIA:

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