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xfxpowr 02-20-08 01:28 PM

Common problem i think
Hi, I just joined this forum, and sorry if this has been mentioned before 1 thousand times, but, well, I recently bought an older xfx geforce 6200 agp8x 256mb for an older computer to replace an even older radeon 9200se 128mb. It's the last upgrade im gonna do for this pc. Mostly to play not so recent, but not so old either games, like ut2k4 among others. Most of my games run better now, but now I'm seeing a problem with ut2k4. Whenever I switch applications while ingame with alt-tab the game crashes and gives an error report. I didnt use to do that with the old card. I read on the web on different places, that theres a problem with nvidia cards and ut2k4 not liking each other. Unfortunately i didnt know that before buying this card. Has anyone come to a fix to this problem, or at least knows when there might be a solution? I tried disabling DEP (data execution prevention) as it was suggested somewhere, but no joy.

Any suggestions are welcomed.

xfxpowr 02-21-08 11:06 AM

Re: Common problem i think
...doesnt anyone have suggestions?

nekrosoft13 02-25-08 06:40 AM

Re: Common problem i think
I have two

1) try the latest driver, latest official WHQL driver would be 169.61. Its officially Quadro driver, but it will install on 6200 as well. Also give 174.16 a go.

2) try switching from directx render mode to opengl render mode. you have to edit ut2004.ini or ut2k4.ini file. Sorry forgot about the details, and can't look it up now.

xfxpowr 02-26-08 12:05 PM

Re: Common problem i think
Thanks for replying. The quadro drivers gave the same error. And enabling opengl in ut2k4 for some reason makes ut2k4 look awful. Apparently it's a problem with nvidia drivers that affects only unreal 2 engine games, in windows xp. Apparently nvidia knows about it and hasnt done anything to fix it.

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